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Top Reasons to Spend Summer in the Alps

Fri January 17, 2020 by Nicole Shering

Switzerland, Summer, Alps, Mountains

I know what you are thinking; the Alps are a winter destination. But have you thought about what happens when the snow melts in the Alps? The mountains become a brilliant destination for an alpine summer holiday! There really is more to the Alps than snow, freezing cold weather and winter sports. Summer in the Alps is full of great activities, warmer weather and excellent value for luxury. Read on to find out our top reasons for a summer holiday in the Alps…


A Summer Holiday to the Alps, Whatever the Weather

Fri June 21, 2019 by Ellie Riches

Sunshine, sunshine in the Alps, rainbow, storm, mountains, alpine weather

The alpine weather conditions in the Alps are arguably the most extreme in Europe. From freezing winter wonderlands to hot sunny summers, the Alps offer the perfect place for adventure holidays with family and friends. The weather can, however, make or break your trip, so what should you really expect the weather in the Alps to be like in the summer? Read on further to find out more about the typical weather conditions and temperatures in the Alps, along with the top all-weather resorts.


Best Chalets with a Matterhorn View

Fri June 14, 2019 by F-J Charton

The Matterhorn, arguably one of the most iconic peaks in the World. Each year Zermatt is filled with visitors from around the globe who flock to the traditional Swiss town to get a glimpse of this stunning mountain. If you simply can’t get enough of the Matterhorn and you want to be able to see it at every opportunity you need to be staying in one of our luxury chalets with Matterhorn view!


Summer Activities in Chatel

Thu June 6, 2019 by Anna Warlow

summer activities in Chatel

Summer in Chatel is a hive of activity. If you are considering your next summer holiday to the Alps, then why not visit this beautiful summer resort. Being only an hour and a half drive from Geneva airport and less than an hour to Morzine, it is one of the most accessible destinations in the Alps.


Alternative Leisure Activities for an Alpine Holiday

Tue May 28, 2019 by Emmy Cammegh

Summer Alpine Holiday

There’s more to a summer alpine holiday than just extreme sports, like bike riding and trail walking. For those of you looking for a more leisurely summer holiday to the Alps, here are some extremely fulfilling holiday ideas where you won’t have to get your hands grubby or break a nail to enjoy.



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