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10 of the Best Family Summer Chalets in the Alps

Tue June 1, 2021 by Nicole Shering

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A family summer mountain holiday is the perfect opportunity to spend valuable time with your loved ones, making new memories and experiencing the stunning scenery the Alps has to offer. Here at Alps In Luxury, we understand that choosing the right chalet is an important aspect of your summer holiday, and so we want to work with you to ensure you make the right choice and find the perfect family friendly summer chalet. With a wide selection of luxury chalets across our portfolio, you may often wonder ‘so which are the best suited for families?’… well look no further. We have put together a comprehensive list of family friendly summer chalets, making the task of organising your family summer holiday that little bit easier!



Value For Luxury - Summer Holidays In The Alps

Tue March 23, 2021 by Ellie Riches

affordable luxury chalet holiday, summer chalet holiday deals, value for luxury
A summer holiday to the Alps is an excellent choice for the whole family; enjoy spending the days outdoors with an endless list of mountain activities, alfresco dining, warm temperatures and wholesome adventures. However, the mountains are most commonly recognised as attracting winter sports enthusiasts to a snowy playground of mountain activity and adventure. Whilst many mountain holiday destinations have diversified their offering to attract visitors during the summer months, summer holidays to the Alps are still considered off-peak. And with low season demand, comes more choice in luxury summer chalets, and amazing value for luxury. Experience fantastic wellness and entertainment facilities, as well as a high standard of service, for a fraction of the price! Let us introduce you to a few of the best luxury summer chalets offering a good value luxury summer holiday in the Alps…


Top 10 Secluded Chalets - Summer Alpine Retreats

Tue February 23, 2021 by Ellie Riches

summer mountain retreat, escapism holidays, secluded mountain chalets in the Alps

The mountains are the ideal place to escape from it all. Big open spaces and far-reaching views making you feel as though there is nothing but nature, peace and tranquillity surrounding you. Sometimes, an escapism holiday is just what we need to reset and refresh. So what better place for this than the Alps? With nearly 300 luxury summer chalets on our portfolio, we have picked 10 of the most secluded chalets for your summer alpine retreat



Top 10 Luxury Chalets For A Mountain Holiday With A View

Fri February 19, 2021 by Ellie Riches

summer chalet views, mountain view holiday, holiday with a view, best views in Chamonix

Warm sunny afternoons, lounging on a perfectly angled deck chair, soaking up the sunshine. You can’t beat it. Well perhaps add a beautiful mountain view and a glass of Champagne to the picture, and you’re truly living the dream. The mountains in the summer reveal nature in all its glory; rich in shades of green, with flashes of bright colour from alpine flowers, and murmurs of wildlife whispering though the valleys. To be surrounded by these wonders of nature when you’re out exploring the mountain is one thing, but to be relaxing in the comfort of your summer chalet and enjoying the extraordinary scenery is the essence of a luxury summer holiday to the Alps. So without further ado, let us introduce you to our top 10 luxury summer chalets to satisfy your holiday with a view desires…


5 Reasons for a Summer Seasonal Rental

Fri February 12, 2021 by Ellie Riches

seasonal summer rentals, summer season in the mountains

You can never get away from that crushing feeling when your week-long annual summer mountain holiday has come to an end. Having spent the week leaving your worries behind and living your best life, packing up your things to head home is never easy. This is why considering a summer seasonal rental in the Alps might just be your next best idea. Escape the madness of routine, pack up your things (work laptop and kids included), and relocate to the mountains. You will be greeted with large open spaces, fresh mountain air and a paradise for the adventurer, nature lover and seeker of true wellness and relaxation. After all, you need to make up for lost holiday time right?

This blog offers a solution to your holiday blues and outlines our top 5 reasons for a summer seasonal rental in the Alps…. Read More...


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