water sports in the Alps

What is it about the mountains in the summer that entices you? Is it the alfresco dining? Switching into full relaxation mode and sunbathing by the lakes? Hiking and biking adventures with family and friends? Or is it the wide variety of watersports in the Alps through the natural gorges, canyons, rivers and lakes? It has to be said that the combination of all of the above makes for the perfect summer holiday in the Alps. However, in this particular blog I will be looking at the top water sports in the Alps and where to find them.


water sports in the Alps

Sit on the water amongst the towering mountains and explore the lake in your own little boat – or of course to do half the work (or none at all), you could share a double kayak. There is nothing more relaxing than floating across the lake listening to nothing but the sound of small waves against the boat…unless of course you take the kids! Even so, it is the perfect family activity for all to get involved.

If you want to step it up a notch, you could always consider alpine river kayaking. The summer rivers bring flows of white water from the glacial melt which is perfect for catching some speed in your kayak.

Kayak Hot-Spots: Lac Montiond, Lac de Tignes, Haute-Isere.



water sports in the Alps

In the Alps there are mountains. In the mountains there are canyons. In the canyons there are gushing glacial waterfalls and pools. There you will find, what some would call, crazy canyoneers seeking adventure. Abseil down canyons, plunge into glacial pools, slide down natural shoots and clamber over boulders exploring some of what would otherwise be inaccessible, beautiful alpine landscapes.

Canyoning is a great activity for all of the group. You can choose different routes depending on ability and enjoying being in one of natures finest water parks. If you would like to read more, take a look at some of the top canyoning courses.

Canyoning Hot-Spots: Chamonix, Megeve, Morzine, Tarentaise.


White Water Rafting

water sports in the Alps

A log flume for the adventurous, white water rafting requires a good team effort to negotiate your way down the fast-flowing glacial watercourse. Counterbalance the boat and the rapids by leaning your weight and digging in your paddle as you try and keep to the course avoiding the obstacles along the way. The glacial melt water gushes through waterfalls and streams forming strong currents and fast flowing waters making for a thrilling roller-coaster ride down the river bed.

White Water Rafting Hot-Spots: Morzine, Les Gets, Tarentaise.



water sports in the Alps

If you enjoy white water rafting, but want to be closer to the water, this is one of the water sports in the Alps you must try! Take yourself back to those first swimming lessons, floating on your front with a float aid under your chest. It’s somewhat comparable to hydrospeeding, but let’s say, this alpine activity is a little more thrilling. This time round you don’t have to kick your legs too much to make progress; let the rapids push you downstream and surf your way along the water-course. You’ll have loads of fun negotiating the obstacles in the way and riding swells and eddies as you engage on this exhilarating natural giant water slide.

Hydrospeeding Hot-Spots: Morzine, Les Gets, Chamonix.


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

water sports in the Alps

The Alps watersport that seems to be a growing craze, stand-up paddle boarding (also known as SUP) requires some careful balance and good core strength. There are some great benefits to this sport including improving your cardiovascular health, core strength, reducing stress and relaxing the mind. Explore the lakes surrounded by the majestic mountains and feel that stress-free sensation in the mind and body, it’s the perfect activity to take you away from the daily grind.

You can practice stand-up paddle boarding on a lake or for the more adventurous, feel the flow of a running river and really test your balance.

Paddle Board Hot-Spots: Lac Montriond, Lac de Tignes.


The summer in the Alps is a haven for adventure and activity. If you love being in the water, there will be plenty for you and the family to do during your stay – even if it is just sunbathing by the lake and dipping a toe in every now and again. The mountains, waterfalls and rivers come together to form an amazing playground where you can explore and admire the beautiful surroundings and of course, take part in the exhilarating watersports in the Alps.

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