Hot Air Ballooning Holidays in the Alps

Hot Air Ballooning Holidays in the Alps

Discover the mountains from a new angle this summer, and try hot air ballooning in the Alps. Rise up above the peaks and float through one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. For a truly magical experience, start the day with a sunrise alpine ballooning experience. A hot air balloon flight in the Alps is a fantastic activity for everyone to enjoy, and will create memories for a lifetime.

The majority of summer alpine resorts offer hot air ballooning excursions nearby, so no matter where in the Alps you travel to, you’ll likely be able to arrange this unique experience. From the vantage point of a hot air balloon, the Alps spread out before you in a vibrant patchwork of green fields, clear blue rivers, and icy-white peaks. From the Matterhorn, to Mont Blanc, and the Grand Combin to the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch mountains, hot air ballooning in the Alps will treat you to a unique panorama. On a sunset mountain balloon ride, witness the sun disappear gradually as the sky deepens in a magnificent multi-coloured display, and lights wink on beneath you.

Hot air balloon trips in the Alps are a particularly special way to round off a summer mountain holiday. The tranquillity of the experience allows for a moment to reflect on an amazing vacation, and you’ll be able to pinpoint all of the places you’ve visited during your visit to the Alps, spotting them from high above. For a luxurious touch, ask for a round of champagne for your guests, and make a memorable celebratory toast.

A Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride in Switzerland

Experience the ultimate Swiss ballooning experience in the luxury resort of Gstaad. Arrange a private balloon ride with champagne and appetisers; a real treat while floating serenely over the mountains.

Ultimate Hot Air Ballooning Experience

For perhaps the top hot air balloon ride in the World, cross the Alps from The Tirol region of Austria all the way to Venice. A two-day journey over the Alps, Dolomites and towards the coast, this has to be the most memorable end to a luxury summer holiday in the Alps.

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