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The alpine weather conditions in the Alps are arguably the most extreme in Europe. From freezing winter wonderlands to hot sunny summers, the Alps offer the perfect place for adventure holidays with family and friends. The weather can, however, make or break your trip, so what should you really expect the weather in the Alps to be like in the summer? Read on further to find out more about the typical weather conditions and temperatures in the Alps, along with the top all-weather resorts. 


Alpine weather conditions in the summer

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The weather in the Alps can be some of the most changeable and unpredictable conditions you will find. You don’t have to go far for the climate to feel different or for the weather to dramatically change. With varying elevations and exposure, the weather finds itself in little pockets of rain, wind, cloud or the best kind, sun!



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The temperature in the Alps can also vary depending on where you choose to go. Temperatures can reach as high as 35°C, but the mountain air does get cooler the higher up you climb, it is said to be about 1 degree cooler for every 100 metres. The mountain air is ideal for being active up on the hill with a cooler breeze, or down by the lake or river with activities such as kayaking, white water rafting or canyoning.



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May and September border the main alpine summer months, but they are not to be dismissed. Both months are perfect for the cooler temperatures suited for hiking and mountain biking, avoiding busy crowds and enjoying the scenery of the emerging season. Rain is more common during May and September, but typically the dryer days outweigh the wet ones!

In May, you will start to see the spring flowers bloom which brightens the cloudier days when the spring sunshine is not present. The Alps are recovering from the winter at this point, so when climbing higher you may come across patches of snow that have not yet melted. September can still be warm but the evenings get cooler. You can enjoy the arrival of the autumn colours which last through to the end of October before the winter ahead.

Be wary of resort opening and closing dates at these times of the year. The technical term is ‘inter-season’ where the summer alpine activity is not in full swing yet. Alpine resorts such as Zermatt and Chamonix have such long winter and summer seasons, that ‘inter-season’ is not long at all!


June, July and August ☀🌩

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As you head into these summer months, the weather does become more stable and the warmer temperatures set in – it is almost guaranteed sunshine. However, with the heat and haze, it does mean one thing – thunderstorms! Although generally the summer air still feels fresh and warm, it can sometimes feel uncomfortably humid, so you can be quite thankful for the odd storm to clear the air.

The key to these summer months in the Alps is to make sure you have the right layers, including a rain mac in case the weather turns unexpectedly!



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But there is one thing you can’t let happen…the weather won’t stop you from having a great time on your summer holiday in the Alps! Here is a selection of the best summer alpine resorts for any weather.



☀  Hiking by the lake, Zermatt’s beach, waterskiing, Wolli’s adventure park, alfresco dining, fishing, golf, mountain/rock climbing, paragliding and even summer skiing!

🌦🌩 Mountain biking, hiking, mountain excursions, The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, scenic train journey through the Swiss Alps.

🌧 Indoor swimming pool, wellness and spa, shopping, mountain restaurants.



☀ Climbing, mountaineering, white-water sports, adventure park, paragliding, day trip to Annecy, alfresco dining, trip to the lake, golf, panoramic flights, Aiguille du Midi.

🌦🌩 Trail running, hiking, theme parks, horse-riding, tennis, paint-balling, mountain biking, Montenvers Train and ice caves.

🌧 Swimming pool, museums, indoor climbing, bowling, thermal spa, cinema, shopping, restaurants and cafes. Or you could consider white water sports on a rainy day too!



☀ Canoe/kayaking, white-water sports, Fantasticable, parapenting, Tree Top Adventure Park, swimming at lake Montriond, fishing, golf, alfresco dining.

🌦🌩 Crazy golf, hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, tennis, horse riding, via ferrata, local markets, farm visit, volleyball.

🌧 Swimming, Aquariaz, cinema, restaurants, spa day, yoga, theatre/concerts, canyoning, ice-skating.


There are so many resorts in the Alps to explore with lots of summer holiday activities on offer in the Alps summer months. If you would like any guidance and advice on where to head for your next summer holiday to the Alps, please do get in touch with one of our alpine specialists. Give us a call on +44 1202 203 659 or send us an email and they will be happy to assist with your request.