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Fresh air, open spaces and a desire to reach heights where the views blow you away, where better to go than the Alps? With a huge range of hiking trails and some truly stunning scenery, your desires will be met with a walking holiday in the Alps. We offer an extensive portfolio of luxury summer chalets all over the Alps to ensure you recharge and relax in luxury and comfort after you have spent days exploring the mountains. With such variety, the best hikes in the Alps is a tough call, but here are my top 5 trails to inspire your hiking holiday in the Alps…

#1 Vallée des Encombres, St Martin de Belleville

hikinh in St Martin de Belleville, walking holiday 3 Valleys, walking holiday St Martin de Belleville

My personal favourite on the list, and one that is a must on your walking holiday in the Three Valleys, has to be the hike to the top of the Vallée des Encombres in St Martin de Belleville. The hike begins with a short drive away from the hamlet of Le Chatelard just below St Martin, the small road eventually turns into a track which takes you past the Refuge de Gittamelon, which is abandoned in the winter, all the way up to Caseblanche.

Starting out at 1,859m, the hike takes about 4 and a half hours in total, 2hrs 45 mins for the ascent and 1hr 45 mins for the descent. Once you summit the valley at the top of Le Grand Perron des Encombres you will be at 2,825m, which is actually higher than the St Martin and Les Menuires ski area.

When you come to St Martin de Belleville in the summer, why not stay at the luxury Chalet Aralia? With a gorgeous terrace hot tub, what more could you need after summiting one of the most famous peaks in the valley, and one of the best hikes in the Alps?


#2 La Dent Blanche Occidentale, Samoëns

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When staying in one of our luxury alpine summer chalets in Samoëns be sure to take the time to visit the Giffre Valley. The two best ways to see the valley are by hiking or flying, to read more about flying in the Alps, check out our blog! If you are looking for hiking in the Alps this summer, the Giffre Massif is a must.

Starting at the Refuge de Bostan at 1,796m the hike will take 5 and a quarter hours, 3hrs 15 mins up and 2hrs down. Once you reach the summit of the Dent Blanche Occidentale at 2,709m you will find that this is the first peak constituting the Massif des Dents Blanches (meaning white teeth). From the summit you will be able to look along the ridge line at the other Dents which make up the massif which serves as the border between France and Switzerland.

A summer holiday to Samoens, consists of traditional charm and wholesome mountain activities and after tackling the Griffre Massif, you will be in need of a luxury summer chalet in Samoëns. How about Chalet Allure? It offers a perfect outdoor terrace complete with hot tub for guests to recuperate in after a hard hike to the Dents Blanches.


#3 Mont Rouge, Veysonnaz

Hiking in the Swiss Alps, Hiking in Veysonnaz, Veysonnaz walking holidays

One hiking hot spot in the Alps not to be missed is the Tour de Mont Rouge in Veysonnaz, Switzerland. As far as hiking in Switzerland goes, the Tour de Mont Rouge is one of the most famous in the 4 Valleys network with the peak being at 2,485m hig – hence making it to my list of the best hikes in the Alps. For the more ambitious hiker you can climb the Greppon Blanc from the summit to rise to 2,655m – perhaps one to add to your Alps walking holiday bucket list?

From Veysonnaz you would need to make your way to Thyon using the main cable car, or a short 15 minute drive from your luxury summer chalet. The hike will take around 4 and a half hours all in all, taking 2 hrs 45 mins up and 1 hr 45 down.

The ultimate luxury summer chalet to recover in would have to be the gorgeous Hidden Dragon. This alpine chalet offers the perfect pampering treatments which will soothe those aches and pains gained from exploring the hiking trails in Veysonnaz.


#4 Gstaad to Lauenen

Hiking in Gstaad, Gstaad Hike, Walking Holidays in Gstaad

A popular choice on your walking holiday in the Alps, this trail that is becoming well loved recently is the hike from Gstaad to Lauenen. The hike is almost a perfect semi circle from Gstaad through the villages of Oberbort, Turbach and Türli before finishing in the village of Lauenen.

The hike itself will take about 5 ½ hours taking in all the sights and villages in the loop. Beginning at 1,036m in Gstaad and climbing all the way up to 1,978m in the village of Türli before descending back down to 1,222m and the village of Lauenen taking in the unforgettable views of the Gstaad Valley.

A perfect luxury summer chalet to compliment the stunning views and take in even more of them in would have to be Chalet Lottie. Sleeping up to 14, it is the perfect chalet for an amazing summer alpine holiday in Switzerland. One of the main reasons this route makes it to the list of the best hikes in the Alps is because it finishes just minutes away from Chalet Lottie, so you can jump straight into the hot tub!


#5 Aiguille Percée, Tignes

hiking holiday Tignes, hikes in Tignes, walking holidays Tignes and Val d'ISere

Last on my list of the best hikes in the Alps is a must. Perhaps the most iconic peak in Tignes is the Aiguille Percée, which translates roughly to pierced needle. The Aiguille Percée sits high up above Tignes Le Lac with views all along the valley. You can see the Grand Casse at 3,855m all the way down to the Lac de Chevril and along the valley up to Val d’Isere.

The hike commences in Tignes Le Lac between the Millonex drag lift and the Palafour chairlift, or at the top of the chair for those looking for a head start. The hike is gentle to begin with and passes through shepherds huts on the Bec Rouge before heading to the Croix de Palafour.

Once you have navigated the ridge line ridden with avalanche protective screens you come to the top of the Palafour chair. From there it opens out and the Aiguille is easily visible. On the final ascent up to the Aiguille you will notice it’s composition, Triassic limestone. It was crushed and pounded when it was formed, making it unusually susceptible to erosion, thus giving it its unique shape. Because of this geological trait is will eventually disappear.

From the Aiguille Percée you may even be able to see your luxury chalet. Having a growing collection of lavish luxury summer chalets in Tignes, we can help you find the perfect one for your hiking holiday in the Alps this summer.


If you would like anymore information on any of the top 5 hikes in the Alps, or a further insight into walking holidays in the Alps this summer, please get in touch so we can help you find you the perfect alpine summer chalet. Call us on +44 1202 203659 or drop us an e-mail.