French Alps summer holiday bucket list! Featuring a must-do list summer activities in the French Alps this year.

A French Alps summer holiday really does have it all! French ski resorts in summer are just as beautiful as their winter counterparts, featuring picturesque mountain landscapes, a plethora of summer activities suitable for all ages and some of the best luxury summer chalets in Europe. It’s easy to see why 3 of our Top 5 Summer Resorts in the Alps are based in France!

With European mountain resorts offering so much for all group dynamics, it can be difficult to choose where to go, let alone create a bucket list of must-do summer activities. Fortunately for you, Alps In Luxury are at hand to make your life that much easier! Discover our unmissable list of things to do in the French Alps, including some personal recommendations from our team of Alps mountain specialists…

French Alps Summer Holiday Bucket List

Kicking off our bucket list, contributing to just one of many top reasons to spend summer in the Alps is…

#1 Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix

The Aiguille du Midi cable car is one of our top things to do in Chamonix, when on your French Alps summer holiday!

Aiguille du Midi is a must-visit destination for your luxury summer holiday in Chamonix. Sure to be at the top of many French Alps summer holiday bucket lists, the Aiguille du Midi is the highest cable car in Europe. Once at the top, at an altitude of 3,842 metres, visitors are treated to incredible panoramic views of the Chamonix valley, as well as an up-close look of the iconic Mont Blanc. On blue-sky days, the famous Matterhorn can even be seen poking above the rugged skyline in the distance! Due to its altitude, the station is also a starting point for many climbers.

I was lucky enough to experience this in-person, on a recent trip to the Alps, and it sure is high on my recommendations for your luxury travel bucket list!

#2 The Fantasticable, Chatel

Ever fancied becoming a superhero for the day? Fly across the sky on The Fantasticable in Chatel, for the chance to become superman or superwoman on your French Alps summer holiday! You will have an incredible bird’s eye view of the scenery below you, up to 240m above the Plaine-Dranse hamlet. Don’t blink though as you may miss it, whilst whizzing through the air at almost 60mph! It is a must for those heading on a luxury summer holiday in Chatel.

#3 The Roche de Toviere in La Daille (Expert Suggestion)

Our Mountain Specialist, Ant Wilkes, on his favourite via ferrata in the Alps - The Roche de Toviere in La Daille, Val d'Isere.

Ant Wilks, Mountain Specialist

Via Ferratas offer a unique experience like no other. Perfect for those climbing holidays in the French Alps, they present an alternative way to summit the mountain, compared to traditional hiking trails. Our mountain specialist, Ant, says The Roche de Toviere in La Daille, Val d’Isere, is one of his favourite via ferratas in the Alps!

“When it comes to Via Ferrata, the Roche de Toviere has it all! Multiple bridges, traverses, ladders, massive exposure and easy accessibility. If you’re looking for an incredible perspective of the Val d’Isere Valley, the Roche de Toviere will not disappoint, and will certainly get your heart fluttering.”

Ant is an avid climber, and has enjoyed climbing all over the world. Val d’Isere in the summer holds a special place in his heart. There is also room for Chamonix, which you’ll find out in his blog: Cham Rock – Climbing in Chamonix.

#4 Visiting Lake Annecy in the Summer

Lake Annecy, or Lac Annecy, is one of the most popular lakes in the French Alps - sure to be on your French Alps summer holiday bucket list!

Lake Annecy, one of the most popular lakes in the Alps, is a must-visit destination for your summer holiday in the French Alps. Picturesque panoramas offer gorgeous photo opportunities to capture magical moments strolling along its shores. Bustling lakeside towns are also open to be explored, and feature plenty of cultural activities, including museum and castle tours. There’s a wealth of things to do in Lake Annecy in summer, find out what made our Top 10 things to do in Lake Annecy.

Lakes in the Alps are truly some of the most enchanting attractions on your French Alps summer holiday! While Lake Annecy takes a spot on our bucket list, there are plenty more beautiful alpine lakes to visit in the summer for a family day out.

#5 Pony Riding at Lac Montriond

On the topic of beautiful lakes, another mountain lake for your French Alps summer holiday is Lac Montriond in Morzine. Even better, you can save your legs whilst still enjoying the beautiful surroundings, by getting on horse-back – the perfect location for a spot of horse riding in the Alps! It’s a great activity for the whole family on a luxury summer holiday in Morzine. Giddy up!

#6 Rafting on Le Dranse River, Morzine (Expert Suggestion)

White water rafting in the French Alps, along Le Dranse River, is our Mountain Specialist's expert suggestion for your bucket list!

Su Collins, Mountain Specialist

For any adrenaline enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than white water rafting in the Alps! After the ski season, the snow melt creates rapid flowing rivers, which takes strong teamwork to meander down – perfect for team building on a corporate summer holiday in the Alps!

Despite its association with thrill-seekers, white water rafting is perfect for family summer activity holidays in the Alps. Our mountain specialist, Su, talks about her adventures white water rafting along Le Dranse River on her French Alps summer holiday:

“Yes, I have been white water rafting in the Alps, with family when the kids were 12 and 10. We couldn’t stop smiling! It was so exhilarating. Halfway down the river they asked who would like to jump off a rock into a whirlpool of icy cold water – also great fun!  (We did have wetsuits and life jackets on and the obligatory crash helmet). It is an adventure to remember and look back on with fond memories. I’d love to do it again and would encourage any family to have a go!”

Check out Frogs Rafting in Morzine for white water rafting on the Dranse River.

#7 The Megavalanche, Alpe d’Huez

The true test for lovers of mountain biking in the Alps, The Megavalanche in Alpe d’Huez is the longest (and self-proclaimed ‘craziest’) MTB downhill race in the world! Spanning multiple terrains, this Enduro mass-start race begins high on the glacier, at a height of 3,300m, before competitors take the route 2,600m down to its finish in Allemont. Whether you take on the challenge to compete, or stick to spectating, this event in the Alps should be witnessed on your luxury summer holiday in Alpe d’Huez.

#8 Col de La Loze, Meribel

Col de La Loze, in Meribel, is one of the best cycling climbs in France. Sure to test even the most experienced of those used to cycling in the Alps, this paved path features a whopping 2,304m elevation gain over a total of 7km (on Meribel’s side), at an average gradient of 7.8%. There is an incredible 20% gradient on the last part of the climb (saving the ‘best’ ‘til last!) – it’s no wonder that Col de La Loze was recorded as the highest point in the 2020 Tour de France. Do you dare take on the Col de La Loze on your next French Alps summer holiday? You’ll for sure need to indulge in a luxury summer chalet in Meribel after taking on that challenge!

#9 Fishing in Chamonix (Expert Suggestion)

Fishing in Chamonix is Tommy's expert recommendation for your very own French Alps summer holiday bucket list!

Tommy Hutchins, Mountain Specialist

Not necessarily the first thing you’d think of when considering top summer activities for a French Alps summer holiday! Fishing in the Alps presents a tranquil opportunity to fully absorb your picturesque settings, whilst exploring crystal clear mountain streams that have rarely been fished.

“To me there is nothing better than fishing for rainbow trout surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and a body of glistening water – it’s the dream life to me!”

Gaillands Lake, Lac de Passy and Lac des Chevants in Chamonix offer exactly that. Tommy would argue that these lakes in Chamonix are up there with some of the best fishing spots in the French Alps.

#10 Summer Skiing in Tignes

Summer skiing in the Alps! Here, we take a closer look at summer skiing in Tignes for your French Alps summer holiday...

Skiing is a winter sport, right? On the contrary, summer skiing is open in a few glacial French ski resorts in summer (dependant on snow conditions). Summer skiing in the Alps accentuates all of the benefits you associate with spring skiing.

Summer skiing in Tignes is on our French Alps summer holiday bucket list, due to its extensive ski area and favourable conditions throughout June and July. Boasting 20km of ski runs, with the Grand Motte glacier at nearly 3,000m, glacier skiing in Tignes in summer offers something for everyone; watch professionals train, beginners practising before winter, or even freestylers trying out new tricks in Tignes snow park! If you don’t like completely letting go of winter, a Tignes summer holiday will be at no compromise.

#11 Hike Tour du Mont Blanc

Stretching across 3 countries, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most popular hiking trails in Europe – a certain for any backpacker’s French Alps summer holiday bucket list! The memorable 170km trail is suitable for people with a base fitness level, featuring hiking in France, Italy and Switzerland.

In addition to exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the European Alps, hikers can also sample a taste of the local cuisine served by numerous mountain huts en-route – a real foodie’s dream!

#12 Parapenting in Alpe d’Huez (Expert Suggestion)

Parapenting in Alpe d'Huez is our Product Manager's expert suggestion for your summer holiday in the French Alps.

Rebecca Bradshaw, Product Manager

What better way to admire some of the best mountain views in Europe than from a bird’s perspective? Parapenting and paragliding in the Alps provides the perfect opportunity to truly take in 360-degree breathtaking mountain panoramas.

“Alpe d’Huez is really beautiful in summer! What better way to take in all of its natural beauty than from a bird’s eye view? Parapenting is perfect for that, and you might even be lucky enough to take control during the flight (at your instructor’s discretion of course)!”

Parapenting in Alpe d’Huez is Rebecca’s must-do French Alps summer holiday bucket list recommendation, and we don’t disagree with her!

#13 Vanoise National Park, Val d’Isere

Vanoise National Park, one of the best French National Parks, features plenty of walking routes and animals in the Alps, ideal for a National Park holiday in the Vanoise region.

For a more calming activity, Vanoise National Park presents a haven for hikers and mountain lovers alike. Declared France’s first national park in 1963, Vanoise National Park in Val d’Isere is situated between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys, a vast protected natural landscape showcasing a plethora of wildflowers and animals in the Alps, including marmots and ibex.

#14 Les Bains du Mont Blanc Thermal Spa, Saint Gervais

If you wish to explore further than the wellness facilities in your luxury chalet in Saint Gervais, then look no further than Les Bains du Mont Blanc Thermal Spa. Complete with thermal baths, beauty and dermatology treatments, saunas and thermal water pools, the spa allows for a multi-sensory journey, with every part designed to maximise Saint-Gervais’ thermal water in rain or shine. The process began over 6,500 years ago, in which thermal water procured rich minerals, after years trickling through the core of the famous Mont Blanc.

#15 The Luge in Morzine (Expert Suggestion)

The luge in Morzine is our director's favourite place to go summer sledding in the Alps - fun for all of the family!

Andy Castle, Director

This French Alps summer activity has been given many names over the years, including summer sledding, Alpine coasters, summer toboggan runs and summer luges, yet all equate to the same ample amount of fun!

Luges offer so much fun for all the family on an Alps summer holiday – it gets the adrenaline pumping and the kids always want “just one more go Daddy…….pleeeaaase!” The luge in Morzine is one of our favourites when we go to the Alps in summer. Race down the mountain and see who can clock the quickest time!

Whether you decide to enjoy a scenic leisurely downhill ride or a speedy sprint down the mountain, summer sledging in the Alps is perfect for all the family. The Morzine summer sledge run is our director’s favourite choice – a must for those looking to experience a luxury summer holiday in Morzine!

Being a dad to 2 children, and having years of experience organising family summer holidays in the Alps, the luge in Morzine is a firm favourite on Andy’s Alps bucket list! We’re going to agree with the boss on this one!

#16 Summer Events in the Alps

There are plenty of summer events in the Alps happening every year, perfect for all ages and interests on your French Alps summer holiday.

There are a range of summer events in the Alps, offering something for everyone to get involved in on a French Alps summer holiday! From gruelling mountain marathons to relaxing music festivals, French Alps summer events offer a range of activities perfect for all ages and preferences. Conducted in front of towering peaks and breathtaking backdrops, summer events in the Alps really encapsulate the beauty of the mountains whilst also bringing them to life…

#17 Parc des Dereches, Morzine

To keep all ages entertained, Parc des Dereches in Morzine should be on the agenda for your French Alps family summer holiday this year! Featuring indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa area, ice rinks, a Treetops Adventure Park, skate park and more, there really is something for everyone!

Whether you opt to add any of our recommendations to your itinerary, or if our list has inspired you to create your own bucket list, a French Alps summer holiday is a must! With plenty of luxury summer chalets in France to choose from, across our collection, start planning your next French Alps chalet holiday with our team of mountain specialists today… Give us a call on +44 1202 203659 or send an email.